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  1. Marcos

    2D Arrays

    Hey guys. I´m trying to develop a code for my engineering classes and having some truble with arrays. I´m using a 2D array as a matrix and need to find the value vx and vy. I have a previous value "lambda" and I need to compare this value with the first column( 0) . I´m looking for a value in...
  2. P

    How to make Intellisense Quick Info for JavaScript and CSS files to appear in Visual Studio 2017?

    In Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2017, when I edit a JavaScript or CSS file, the Intellisense Quick Info for Members, Objects and other keywords don't appear. However, when I open the same files in Visual Studio Code 1.66.0, Intellisense Quick Info is shown properly. This results in me...
  3. P

    Resolved Productivity Power Tools 2017/2019 extension stops copy operation in Visual Studio 2017.

    I'm using Visual Studio 2017. After installing Productivity Power Tools 2017/2019 extension, I can't use the copy operation. The first time I try to copy a line or block of code after installing the extension, Visual Studio generates an error saying: Next time onwards, whenever I try to copy...
  4. dv2020

    Winform Front end SQL/Query Builder for end user options

    Hi All, I'm currently exploring options to provide a front end user to query a database tables by selection which items/filters they want. I came across this product EasyQuery which looks promising. My initial though was simply to use a data grid/or traditional report and then have the user...
  5. sky06walker

    Question How to establish interbase connection with visual studio community 2017

    Hi all, I'm new in C#, I just started my 1st project by create an app which able to talk (read & write) with Interbase, but I donno how to establish the connection for it. Visual studio version: Community 2017 Hope anyone with this experience can light me up. Thank you.
  6. B

    Question How to correctly made two depending Comboboxes?

    I have a problem with two dependent Combobox. I want to do the dependent Comboboxes. When selecting an area in combobox1, a free taxi located in this area should be displayed on combobox2. I found this video on YouTube and tried to use the code in this video...
  7. S

    Question Why Are Unit Tests Not Working?

    Hi there! I am new in town! I will start off with this Visual Studio problem and see where things go from there. Hopefully, I will visit these forums many times to come. I have a Windows 10 Pro PC here, and the latest build of Visual Studio 2017 Community edition. The problem is that I cannot...
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