1. C

    Resolved Number format culture

    Hey guys, I´m programming a code for my engeneering classes and now I realized I´m having some trouble with the number formats in other languages. My native language is pt-BR and we use the coma "," for decimals while the english speakers and also the computer language uses the dot "." So I´ve...
  2. Duvyanshu

    Answered Why am I unable to locate font files(.ttf) in unity android game in persistentDataPath?

    Can somebody guide me in the right direction? My android game that I made on unity 2018.4.9 using C# on VS 2017 is unable to detect files at persistent data path. The two font files are located in the persistent data path directory. This is a screenshot of app persistent data folder. This is...
  3. lmstearn

    Building Out-Of-The-Box Tutorial Examples

    Hi there, With VS2017 15.5.2, building Resources from Code-behind, the final topic on this tutorial page: Get: Having tried most of the suggested workarounds from SO, not a clue as to where to go from here- is it something to do with views at all? Also compiling Custom Dependency Properties...
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