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    How do I call a method contaning an array and display it on a web page

    I have this method RaceDaySimple[] raceDay that I'm trying to call: public partial class RaceDayCalendarSimple : object, System.ComponentModel.INotifyPropertyChanged { private RaceDaySimple[] raceDayField; private AtgDateTime timestampField...
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    Question Testing with SoapUI

    I have created a simple service that looks up a case number from an Oracle DB and returns all associated data for that case. I write this data to an XML file and also return it to the client. My problem is, when I test the service using SoapUI, it adds a beginning CDATA tag to the response and...
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    Question Web Service

    First off I would just like you to know that I am new to C# and the Visual Studio environment in itself. I am a PHP programmer but have been volun-told to contribute to a work project involving C# and creating a web service. Beyond taking a few C programming classes in college, I have very...
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