1. sudarshanreddyc

    Question How to receive JObject in post API?

    I have a controller and an action method It is a post method. Params look as follows [FromBody JObject objParams]. But the objParams is alway coming as empty. But when I use int in place of JObject, it works fine. Can anyone please help me with this?
  2. ahmedaziz

    Question How to modify action details to get data from another model ?

    I work on EF core 7 blazor . I face issue I can't call Details model from application page to get all Data for details model . meaning I need to display details data as list on application page where Header Id = 1 on action GetAllDetails. so when call Application/GetAllDetails I will get all...
  3. Tom Peric

    Question Need Secured RESTApi Reference Project

    Hello Everyone, Can someone please suggest me sample reference project(Articles, Github, etc) of RESTApi with secured authentication & authorization for my future development project from scratch. My upcoming project(RESTApi) need to handle huge volume of records(need to maintain security...
  4. A

    Question How to save Personal Picture on Database Table aspnetUser on mvc .net core 5 ?

    I working on asp.net core 5 mvc web application , I face issue I can't store Picture User on database table [dbo].[AspNetUsers]. so can you tell me how to store personal picture of user on table [dbo].[AspNetUsers]. I already add new column PictureUser on table [dbo].[AspNetUsers] to store...
  5. J

    Question JSON processing in Visual Studio 2013 with IIS8 "=" have to be first

    I would like to process JSON in WepAPI 2.0 and in the JSON file must be = as a first char. If I post normal JSON [{ ... }] visual studio return NULL exception and variable "value" is NULL namespace MyProgram.Controllers { public class TestController : ApiController { // POST...
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