1. developer8123413764

    (GoBack,GoForward,etc.) Controls from Form1 to Form2

    Hi I want to make a WebBrowser. Dont ask why i want it to make how i want it. The buttons (GoBack,GoForward,etc.) should be on Form1. The webBrowser is on Form2. How can i controll the webBrowser from Form1? Please help Thx
  2. mynoicity

    Get URL from WebBrowser

    Dear all, My ideal: 1- Use webbrowser with "url a" is ID of fb ID 2- Webpage will be response to "url b" 3 - I get value of "url b" is fb name alias Simple like that. With a url. It OK If have a list of url. I dont know how to do. Please help me for idea Here is my code: public...
  3. T

    Question Sip webphone in How to get started?

    Hello,I started a simple static website not so long ago to boost my business. But I'm already tired of those annoying calls coming from telemarketers. And I noticed that most customers regret the money for phone calling.For this reason, I though I try the webphone technology to let my website...
  4. J

    Question How can I open the Internet Browser when I click on a link in the WebBrowser control?

    Hello, In my application I have a WebBrowser control that I use for viewing Html formatted email messages. But when I click on a hyperlink inside the WebBrowser when viewer an email message, the link will be opened inside the webbrowser control. What I actually want is forcing my application to...
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