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    Question console does not display Chinese input string

    Hello, as my title says: on Windows 10, my console (cmd prompt) does not display Chinese input string by Console.ReadLine (but it displays Chinese non-input strings correctly). Here is my problematic code-chunk: using System; using System.IO; using System.Text; namespace 字符 { class...
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    Question .NET 3.5, Build on Windows 10, Debug on Windows XP

    Hi all, The build environment is VS2017 on 10 Pro x64 These variants all work on the build machine: x64 UWP .NET 4.5+ x64 .NET 3.5+ x86 .NET 3.5+ .NET 3.0 fails only because I have some lazy Linq, and 2.0 is not going to work. The test environment is Windows XP Pro x86 (clean VM with .NET...
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