1. ReCoolCZ

    Question Player and picture boxes updating at different times

    Hello fellow programmers, why is my game updating at different times, even it shouldn´t? Here´s the code: public partial class Form1 : Form { bool goLeft, goRight, jumping, isGameOver; int jumpSpeed; int force; int score = 0; int playerSpeed = 10...
  2. S

    PictureBox doesn't work as expected

    Hello! I am trying to create an application that displays random images from Reddit every X seconds in new Form. Everything seems to be working fine except the PictureBox itself. In order to add the image to the PictureBox I am using PictureBox.LoadAsync() method. The whole process is being run...
  3. R

    How to apply template on excel file exported using oledb ?

    Hi, I have exported data into excel file using oledb since I cannot use interop or any third party library. Here is my code ''' <summary> ''' Export datagridview's data contained in an data table to excel file ''' </summary> ''' <param...
  4. S

    I need help with my windows forms application Project(i can pay for this work)

    I'm build a picture box based application in windows forms . i need to add some feature in that application. so, i need a good MENTOR
  5. P

    Updating Listbox in Another Form

    I have 2 forms. Form1 contains a list box and a button that says update. If the user selects a number from the list box and clicks the update button then form2 pops up. Then the user can enter a number in form2 and click the update button. I want the number that the use enters to be updated in...
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