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    Remote Connection before WMI Query takes too long

    I am making WMI queries to remote computers that are in our production network. The first connection with ManegementScope takes realy long. (8-10 seconds) If the first connection is done the next connection is then much faster. How can i speed up this connection time. That's the code i am...
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    Tip New .NET library for those who work with WMI. Simpler than ever.

    ORMiis a new .NET library I wrote to communicate to WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation). I´ve made several dozens of WMI compatible apps over these years and I always came to the conclusion that the .NET standard libraries are very poor and makes developer write too much code to get simple...
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    WMI, Where did i go wrong

    I'm trying to use WMI to connect to remote PC's and run patch scripts. When I run my program I receive no errors or exceptions. When I remote the authentication and run on localhost it works. When I add the authentication back in having changed nothing it will never start the batch script on the...
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    WMI (Wind. Management Instrumentation) + VisualSVN - permissions for multiple users

    Hi all, I'm trying to automate some actions on VisualSVN in C# using WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation). I found a way of how to create a repository automatically, user and add permissions to a user on a particular repository - it's working fine. Here're the link sources I use: java - how...
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