1. G

    Question WPF Datagrid is erasing the SSMS Database and showing empty

    Hello, I am doing a wpf sample database project. I created a database called school details with different tables. One table is StudentDetails where I just entered the name of random five students and another table is five sets of marks for phyics, chemistry, biology and maths. Now the first...
  2. MikeI

    Question Obtaining a specific layout in WPF

    I have a question about WPF. The interface shown in the GIF is something written in C++. I've been trying to replicate this effect for some time, but with no success. What I've been trying to do is create a trigger to give the grid column definition a width of "*" instead of the regular "4*"...
  3. D

    How to get parameters of a selected Category

    Hi. Working with Revit API. Selected category is in the variable called "category". How to make a list of parameters that belong to that category and put it inside of a new ComboBox? Assuming that I am going to need to continue inside of the Class.cs file. Should I create a list of all elements...
  4. S

    Styles in App.xaml doesn't show the foreground white on a button

    I have made me a style for the buttons that does (almost) what I want except from one thing. The text is black no matter what color I set in the foreground. I have tried copying other styles examples which says the foreground is white. Still black. I have tried to make a label in the button and...
  5. G

    Question Cannot filter data in dataset wpf application

    I have a dataset with column is known as Card_type_1. There 3 types of cards are there. One is SAR41, SAR42 and SAR108. This is a recent change. A week before it was 41,42 and 108, and now I changed it to SAR41, SAR42 and SAR108. Now there is a filter button which checks for each set of cards...
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