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  1. K

    Question How to set page settings on ios app for brother receipt printer (rj-4250wb)

    I am new to Xamarin and i need to print to a brother rj-4250wb receipt printer. I can get the printer to print but it prints the text i supply and then it line feeds a out a ton of blank pages...it seems like it does not have page settings. This is the example code i am working with...i have...
  2. VivekScorp

    ObservableCollection count resets to 0 from second function call

    There is a Dependency class in android that has these two functions 1. public void OnEvent(Java.Lang.Object obj, FirebaseFirestoreException error) { try { var docs = (QuerySnapshot)obj; visitorDetails.Clear(); foreach (var doc...
  3. TPanster

    Xamarin Forms take or pick multiple Photos, attach on App-Page and include the option to delete a Photo out of this List

    Hello. I´m quite new to App programming. I want to write an App (with Xamarin Forms) where you are able to choose several Photos (or Files in general) out of the Galery, or take the Photo with the Camera. This Photo should be attached inside the App-Page with only the Filename (it is not...
  4. Eldar

    Question Quiz help

    Hello, I'm starting to learn xamarin and want to create my first quiz app. Example: text "Question 1:" checkbox + text "answer option 1" checkbox + text "answer option 2" checkbox + text "answer option 3" Confirm button After pressing the button, question 1 disappears and a new question and...
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