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  1. K

    Question How to set page settings on ios app for brother receipt printer (rj-4250wb)

    I am new to Xamarin and i need to print to a brother rj-4250wb receipt printer. I can get the printer to print but it prints the text i supply and then it line feeds a out a ton of blank pages...it seems like it does not have page settings. This is the example code i am working with...i have...
  2. V

    Making a button's appearance editable by user

    Hello, I'm just starting out planning a mobile app. This will be my first attempt, so I still have a lot of research to do. A part of my app will be a remote control. I'd like the user to be able to customize the buttons appearance and save configurations. I'm going to start out...
  3. VivekScorp

    Question How to have multiple Firebase AddSnapshotListener(s) inside a single class?

    I have a class in android which has a listener setup to get visitorlist updates. var visitorDetailsCollection = FirebaseFirestore.Instance.Collection("visitorDetails"); var visitorDetailsquery = visitorDetailsCollection.WhereEqualTo("UserID"...
  4. VivekScorp

    ObservableCollection count resets to 0 from second function call

    There is a Dependency class in android that has these two functions 1. public void OnEvent(Java.Lang.Object obj, FirebaseFirestoreException error) { try { var docs = (QuerySnapshot)obj; visitorDetails.Clear(); foreach (var doc...
  5. TPanster

    Xamarin Forms take or pick multiple Photos, attach on App-Page and include the option to delete a Photo out of this List

    Hello. I´m quite new to App programming. I want to write an App (with Xamarin Forms) where you are able to choose several Photos (or Files in general) out of the Galery, or take the Photo with the Camera. This Photo should be attached inside the App-Page with only the Filename (it is not...
  6. erich_brunner73

    Question How-to: Create an animated/interactive Dashboard?

    How-to: Create an animated/interactive Dashboard in Xamarin.Forms How-to: Create an animated/interactive Dashboard in Xamarin.Forms How-to: Create an animated/interactive Dashboard in Xamarin.Forms How-to: Create an animated/interactive Dashboard in Xamarin.Forms How-to: Create an...
  7. Phone2

    Question Where to hire xamarin.forms developers?

    Can one suggest a community or board for finding xamarin.forms developers? We're currently hiring at Phone2. $2200/mo, remote full time, middle. Phone2 | Second Phone Number for Small Business and Teams <--- you can see our product here. Write me: andrew@phone2.io
  8. D

    Question CollectionView iOS - not all items visible

    I am using a nested CollectionView. My first CollectionView is vertical, and the nest one is horizontal. On Android, everything is fine. On iOS however, on first load I can see all my horizontal items (vertical doesn't have any issues), but on second load, I only ever see the first item in the...
  9. D

    Project bundle identifier does not match specified provisioning profile

    For our Xamarin.Forms mobile app, after upgrading to iOS 15, I created a new certificate and provisioning profile. Build in Azure DevOps failed with the following error: I changed the bundle identifier in Info.plist to the same guid as in the provisioning profile. But build failed again with...
  10. D

    Question Error with Xamarin Forms iOS release build

    I'm developing an app with Xamarin Forms for Android and iOS. The Android version is in the store and is working fine. The iOS version however works perfectly in debug mode, but whenever I install the app in release mode on a device, it crashes immediately. I'm not getting much info when it...
  11. A

    Question Text to speech in spanish male in xamarin forms

    Hello I need my xamarin forms application for android and ios to speak with a male voice in Spanish without using third party subscriptions since the customer does not want to pay for them, but is willing to pay if it is a tts (text to speech) for a single fee. at the moment i have tried with...
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