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Dec 17, 2015
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Hi guys!

Since summer 2015 our team has been working on new diagnostics for a C# analyzer that would be a part of PVS-Studio program. The analyzer is based on Roslyn and is already able to find a good number of bugs. We are getting closer to its first release, that's why I offer everybody who is interested to try a beta-version of it and give us feedback about any flaws you may find there.

Two articles about project checks that we have already done:

Analysis of Microsoft Code Contracts
Experimental version of PVS-Studio with C# support

We will be very thankful if you run this analyzer on your C# analyzer and tell us about issues or false positives (if there are any). You may contact us here: support@viva64.com

Beta-version of the analyzer with C# support is available at :Link removed by Mod
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