Question Bulk add license to Github using octokit API?


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Jul 23, 2019
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I'm having a little problem that I'm hoping someone can help me with. I'm using the octokit API for github, and I'm trying to write a program that checks all repos within my github organization (both public and private), and checks if they have a license attatched to them; and then opens a pull request that adds a license to any repos that don't currently have a license. Basically, a bulk function that can add a license to any and all repos that don't already have one. So far, I have been able to write code that checks whether or not the repos have a license; however, I'm really struggling to figure out how to write something that will then add the license once my program has discovered which repros need one. Does anyone have any ideas for how to do this? Anyone have experience writing code that manages github organizations? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!
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