C# and Moodle


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Nov 29, 2018
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Morning all
I am very new to C#, but been doing web development in PHP for a while.
I wrote an app for a college in C# and they use Moodle for the students portal

Whenever a change is made in the app I would like Moodle to automatically be updated.

I know that Moodle has web service api's, and from what I have been told they can be used to remotely update Moodle

Can these API's be used from my C# app.
If I can be pointed in the right direction because I believe one only learns when one battles through it, asking for tips along the way and noy just been told how to do it.

Any help will be greatly appreciated
Take a look at the HttpClient class. It can be used to send requests to a URL and, assuming you get JSON back, you can use JSON.NET to turn the response data into objects.
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