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Jul 11, 2017
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Greetings All,

Below is an outline job description. If you have any questions please feel free to email us directly info@cadlogic.com

CAD Software Developer Job Description

Employer Description:

CADlogic Limited has been involved in bespoke software development for over 28 years, helping customers in the engineering, construction and retail industries improve their productivity through the production of easy-to-use, efficient CAD applications. We are a small team of developers with a very flat management structure. We have strong relationships with an ever-expanding customer base of SME’s through to multi-nationals, and have a proven track-record of producing bespoke CAD-based solutions that provide the productivity gains or USP that the customer requires, quickly and efficiently.

General Job Summary:

An application developer will be involved in every element of the bespoke development CAD process, from initial customer discussions and specification of the project, through to interface design, planning, programming and implementation of the software. They will require self-motivation and creativity to produce quality solutions whilst liaising closely with the customer to ensure the software meets exact requirements. The developer will be part of a team but will be expected to work autonomously on a given task, often with more than one ongoing project on their plate. A developer will be expected to gain industry-specific knowledge on the job (in construction and engineering) in order to successfully write certain programs. Being a small business, the developer will have a significant impact on the company dynamic and will have direct input on projects and on company practise.


· Work as part of a small team of developers, in a fast-moving environment, providing solutions to our customers
· Be able to clearly communicate concepts and ideas to colleagues and customers
· Using creativity to come up with innovative solutions to challenging problems
· Manage multiple priorities; plan and track work to deliver results on time
· Be adaptable and keen to learn and implement new technologies and methods
· Share solutions and techniques with colleagues to come up with novel solutions as part of a team

· No specific degree or formal training is required, however a candidate must have extensive experience (2 years+ at least, preferably more) of C#.Net, and the .Net environment
· A good knowledge of Visual Studio (vital)
· A good understanding of 2D and 3D Maths and Geometry (vital)
· Knowledge of CAD and/or Graphics development
· Object-oriented techniques
· Excellent oral and written communication skills in English
· Industry-knowledge of construction and engineering is desirable, however an ability to learn and/or self-teach industry-knowledge is critical
· Interact with and support others effectively via teamwork and diplomacy

Beneficial experience:

· VB.Net, HTML, XML, SQL, Java, DirectX, InstallShield
· AutoCAD, Revit and other design packages
· Open-Design technologies e.g. Teigha
· DevExpress
· An interest in new programming technologies
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