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May 21, 2019
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Dear all,

Learning is a constant process. You can learn from your own mistakes, you can do it alone. What I would like to offer, is learning inside of a community, with hundreds of people exchanging both professional and casual programming experience!

C# inn- a friendly discord community would like to invite you to join! We’re a young and growing community with over 2000 members, with dozens of new members joining daily. Our members help each other out and we try to keep as friendly atmosphere as possible. Your opinion matters to us, our staff listens to your needs and suggestions, so we’re constantly changing and trying to be a bit better than we were yesterday, by adding/removing channels, coming up with ideas, planning the future. As the name implies, we're mostly focused on C#. We have a lot of people who advocate profesionalism and we want not only to help you do stuff, but do it the right way.

Also, every weekend we have programming lessons, for now mostly focused on Clean Code. We have some people streaming live coding and sometimes some members offer mentorship on a project or topic.

We want to be a community where people can learn and collaborate, all while having fun. Interested?

It doesn't matter if you want to teach or learn, as long as you are passionate about it, we will accept you with open arms ?

Invitation link:
Join the C# Inn Discord Server!

Let's have fun while learning together!
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