Call ReadTag method error (ScanData)

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Feb 18, 2019
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In C # I write a program for inviting an RfID method. I can enter the input parameters to invite the method, but I cannot specify the Identifier / ScanData value shown in the attached image because it is not known for the object. The question would be to use the open source code of the UA-.NET Standard
OPCFoundation / UA .NETStandard
how can I query the Default input value in the image as in the client program?
({0 | System.Byte [] | | {0 | System.Byte [] | 0 | 0} | (null)})
I want a C # example program to call the ReadTag method?

The goal would be to serialize the input and output parameters on a JSON basis. Based on JSON, build the Object [] form of the input parameters and run the method. And so send the outgoing parameters in JSON format.

Thank you in advance for your response.

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