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Jun 16, 2019
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Hi, I am a beginner in coding. I am trying to create a Window Forms App, using C#, where a user can enter a keyword to search for records in Jira cloud platform. The result should be a list of records that contain the keyword is returned to the user. I can't seem to come up with the script to interact with Jira and get the response? I appreciate any guidance or advise, thanks.
Out of curiosity, why WinForms? Why not Xamarin or WPF?
Thank you for your response.
I was given an assignment and told to use WinForms. I read through the links you gave me but I couldn't figure it out. I can't see how to start using C#.
Most people who request projects in Winforms are schools who are still teaching the old ways of things and are not up to speed with today's technological advancements. Or on the other hand, a client who doesn't know any better. Winforms is practically end of life, and if you are doing something in c#, you should probably consider WPF. Is switching an option? Regarding the implementation of your question. You're likely going to find nobody will be willing to do this for you for free, and you will likely need to show some effort in the way of showing what you've tried already.
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