Can i Have Dropdowns inside the Gridview for a column in DataTable


Jul 2, 2017
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Good Day
I am a .Net Developer, Currently we are using ASP.Net Grid view’s, because of the features,etc. we want to Replace existing grid views with data tables. []
About our Current ASP.Net Grid view: We Use Same Grid view for Rendering Data, and also we allow the user to edit/update the same in the Grid view. [means Grid view is Read and Write]
Please Note in our Grid view we have dropdowns as well. Eg: Gridview/Table Col Name: Currency,
Type is not a textbox, it's a dropdown with the values of (+/- 10 Countries Currency Codes)
What I am expecting in Data Tables/Editor.datatables are
---> it should support dropdowns for columns inside the Grid view
---> it should support Editing/Updating of Gridview.
I Have Tried some sample page using data table. it's working fine without Dropdowns.
So, My Questions are below.
1) Can i Have Dropdowns inside the Gridview for a column (as i mentioned in the above example) in DataTable
2) Is Data Tables & Editor.datatables are completely free even for commercial purpose.
Only data tables are for free not Editor.datatables
Technologies, we are using:
ASP.Net, c#, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, CSS, WCF Services.
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