Resolved Can the ad settings be tweaked?


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Apr 6, 2019
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Looks like with the as settings have changed where the ads now take up more that 50% of the screen when first landing in the forum or in a thread. Even worse, in a thread there are ads at the top, the thread title, and the first post, and between the posts.

Here's what I see in my phone when I hit the forum:

Or when in a thread:
That shouldn't be, I'll look into it, thanks for the report.
Thanks! Looks better without ads overwhelming the screen.
Google is not adhering to their ad size code. The ads they are displaying are completely at their free will which is wrong. I had to override CSS to prevent it. I did this on another site and forgot to bring it over to this one.
It's possible that I just happen to have an ancient phone from 2017 that has the large screen for back in the day, but when compared to present phones, it's now a considered a small to medium sized screen. Not all of us can drop $1K+ every year for a new phone.
Well, it was doing it on my iPhone 15 Pro Max as well and of course also responsive testing. It's just google being google.
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