Can we host Dot .net core web app on free Hosting Services like


Jan 13, 2022
Programming Experience
I think the way you have Asked your question is a bit misunderstood, If I'm right in thinking what you are asking is, If you can host a Website for free using ASP.NET, So you can have a custom Website then the answer is yes, just Google FREE ASP.NET Hosting's, the other way is to get your self a Second PC and setup a Webserver on it, For Mostly Windows if your doing a company their will be Licenses needed to be paid, but if for personal / none profit (NOT including charity) ect.., then you can run it free, their is Also Linux Webservers that can be set up, but they tend to be more fiddley, For me I would use Linux, But for a new Beginner I would Suggest using Microsoft Products as their less fiddley, not that Microsoft Products can't be fiddley as they can, but their easier to deal with, I may have gone off skew a tad, if so I'm sorry, but that's all the info i personally have on this subject.

Please have a great day, ProtekNickz
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