Cannot get .exe to run on another PC


Jul 18, 2017
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Using Visual Studio 2013, I compiled a C# program and created an executable.
Transferring that exe file to another PC (without Visual Studios) and trying to run it gives me an error that says it has stopped working. This can be seen in the attached jpg picture.

I think that I have to create an install package that would include libraries and such, but do not know how to do so.
Can someone direct me on how to do this.

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Not much to go on.. what dependencies does your app use? What version of the FW does it target? How did you copy it? We have no clue where to begin to help you without these questions answered first.

Thanks for response.

Dependencies: Not quite sure of everything, but:
> Windows Form App
> Using Serial Communication

Framework: 4.5

Copied file USB.exe to thumb drive then to other PC

My application a simple Form that reads a file and outputs the contents of that file via usb serial communication.
The application works on my PC, but when I try to use the exe file on another PC without Visual Studios, I get the above mentioned problem.
The following are my dependencies:
1) mscorlib.dll
2) System.dll
3) System.Drawing.dll
4) System.Management.dll
5) System.Windows.Forms.dll
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