Question cant connect the accsess to the VS


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Jun 20, 2020
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Hi I really need help
I soon have to submit a project in VS and I haven’t started yet because I can’t connect the database to VS
He constantly seemed to me that annoying error of
Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0 provider is not registered on the local machine

I installed everything needed from the Office of Microsoft website
Both 2010 and 2016 and there
I tried to install drivers, change settings and return - nothing works !!!

WIN 10 - 64 BIT
What do you do please help !!
I was unsuccessful in connecting the Access to VS

It is important to note that on another computer a link does work!
On a really old computer - 32 BIT
But for me on my PC - no

In addition
I downloaded this tool to see if the access tables can be seen!ANWdt-OJfQp4cMk&id=B18A57CB5F6AF0FA!101312&cid=B18A57CB5F6AF0FA

And sometimes works and sometimes not
And when it doesn’t work shows me error # 5

more importent information- i restor py PC
new instalation -no files on pc
clean installanatioin

and i think the ODBC not inclod on x64
my VS install on X84
i really dont know what to do!

Really tried almost everything!

I would love some serious help!


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Apr 23, 2011
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Are you using an ACCDB file or an MDB file? If it's the former, does it have to be? If you use an MDB file then you can use Jet, which is part of Windows, instead of ACE, which is part of Office or can be installed separately. In that case, as Jet is 32-bit only, you just have to make sure that your app runs in a 32-bit process. That means setting the Target CPU to x86 or else setting it to Any CPU and checking the Prefer 32-bit box (requires .NET 4.5 or later

If you must use an ACCDB file then you need to make sure that the bitness of the ACE provider and your match. If you install 32-bit ACE then you app needs to be 32-bit, which you do as I described above. If you installed 64-bit ACE then you need to make sure that your app is 64-bit.

Keep in mind that, if you're submitting this project to someone else, you need to use the same bitness as they will be. Given that the vast majority of Office installations are 32-bit (it's what Microsoft recommend unless 64-bit is specifically required) you should opt for 32-bit. If you have to submit this to a teacher, you should check whether they expect Jet or ACE and, if ACE, 32-bit or 64-bit.
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