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Oct 23, 2018
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I have a below table structure. I am using c# and to achieve this but did not get success.


I have created userid and associate category and items with it. I would like to create a form below for data entry when user log in. I have also associated items with the user therefore only associated items would appear in the form. If a user has 7 items, 7 items would be appeared. the numbers below are the sales user is entering in different cities, the user would save the data in above table, this can be done with the textbox and grid but I am unable to create the form.

User ID. 111111 Category. Data 1
Cities Item-1 Item-2 Item-3

City 1 100 50 30

City 2 30 35 70

City 3 50 70 30

I’m not sure if you still need help so I’ll be brief for now.

If you would like to add a form to your page, you can either be traditional and create it with standard HTML controls, or if you prefer, use the FormView. What you are asking about displaying associated records could be done in a GridView near the FormView, based on the logged in user by setting the data source for the GridView to one that you pass the id of the user to.

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