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Nov 11, 2016
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Hi all

[Title should read 'Multiple Table Update Issue']

I've been working on this for a few days, but my brain is on fire and I'm probably missing something obvious (or doing something wrong). Here's my situation (all actual test data):

  • I have a typed DataSet: dbCustTestDataSet
  • Within it, I have one table showing which is formed by a join (within a stored procedure called 'CustomersAddresses_Select).
  • Two tables: 'Customers' and 'Addresses' (there is a third 'Status' table but is irrelevant right now).
  • Customers table consists of: CustomerId, Title, FirstName, MiddleName, LastName, StatusID.
  • Address table consists of: AddressId, HouseNumber, CustomerID.

As I'm working with a typed DataSet, I've refrained from going down creating my own data adapters and written my own stored procedures instead. What I really want is:

  • Maintain my current setup of binding my controls against my BindingSource (bsCustomer, in this case).
  • Allow the textboxes displayed on a WinForm to be updated and saved using a TableAdapterManager (I have also created stored procedures for 'Update', 'Insert', 'Delete' manually. I think I could have created a basic stored procedure in the DataSet designer, saved, and gone back to amend it to include a join in order to make use of VS creating my commands for me (for update, delete, insert), but I assume I would have had to amend them to suit my own needs (multiple table deletions, insertions etc.)?

My problem is:

  • Editing text boxes in the WinForm for 'LastName' etc. works fine. But, if I edit the HouseNumber, it updates all the records (only 3 test records right now) to the same house number.

Code for update SP (I assume, the culprit?):
CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[CustomersAddresses_Update]

-- Customer
@CustomerID int,
@Title nvarchar(8),
@FirstName nvarchar(50),
@MiddleName nvarchar(50),
@LastName nvarchar(50),
@StatusID int,

-- Address
@HouseNumber int


    UPDATE dbo.Customers SET

    Title = @Title,
    FirstName = @FirstName,
    MiddleName = @MiddleName,
    LastName = @LastName,
    StatusID = @StatusID

    WHERE CustomerId = @CustomerID

    UPDATE dbo.Addresses SET

    HouseNumber = @HouseNumber


Code for 'Save' button:


            if (ds.HasChanges())
                MessageBox.Show("Changes detected");

                dbCustTestDataSetTableAdapters.TableAdapterManager tm = new dbCustTestDataSetTableAdapters.TableAdapterManager();
                try {
                    dbCustTestDataSetTableAdapters.CustomersTableAdapter cta = new dbCustTestDataSetTableAdapters.CustomersTableAdapter();
                    tm.CustomersTableAdapter = cta;
                catch(Exception ex)
                MessageBox.Show("No changes.");

One thing I just remembered is when I assigned all of my stored procedures against the relevant commands in the TableAdapter configuration, it gave an error for no value for @customerID (the output within my 'Update' SP) - in case this is relevant.

Thank you.
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