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Nov 13, 2012
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I would like to know who to accomplish the following goal using an existing C# 2008 desktop application.

I would like to take the C# run time input and output parameters and possibly put the calls into a batch file and or with some method you recommend. Here are the following I would like to complete:

1. I would like to run the C# 2008 desktop application and give it input parameters. (This is how the program currently runs.)
2. I would then like to wait for a response from the C# 2008 desktop application before proceeding to the next step. (The program needs to
wait since it is calling a web service and loading documents to the web service.) I need to make certain the response code call to the web service = 0.
3. Next step depending upon the response from the web service.
a. If the response from the web service = 0, then the C# 2008 desktop application is called again with parameters to close out the customer account on the web service.
Also under this step, the results for the second call to the desktop application should be displayed in a message the user can see.
b. If the response from the web service not = 0, then a message should be displayed to the user stating what the problem is. No further call is made.

Thus can you show me code and/or point me to a reference on how to accomplish this goal?
Are you talking about writing C# code to do all this because, if not, this is not a C# programming question so it doesn't belong in a C# programming forum. Unless you can show cause to do otherwise, I will have to close this thread.
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