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Jun 25, 2012
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Hi all,

I have a new requirement to develop C# windows application about which am having a difficult time to how to approach the problem. Below are the details:

I have a new requirement to develop VBscript code editor and analyzer C# Winform application tool.
The application must read the vbscript text file and currently we are supposed to detect the methods in the VBScript text file. We are supposed to keep track of the lines at which these methods start and end so that, these methods can be copied/moved into other VBScript files. The application will have an editor screen which loads the VBScript text file, and the editor should have intellisense like we have in visual studio.It should be able to detect the syntax, provide suggestion while editing the text file.

So as per above requirement, i have researched online and haven't really found any help on how to go about this. As far as i have understood, i can may be use regular expressions to detect methods from the VBScript file, but am not really good with regular expressions and am not really sure if i can pull it off to be able to detect syntax, provide intellisense etc. I was thinking instead of re-inventing the wheel, do i have the option of using VBScript compiler or any other dll, whose capibilties i can use for the development of this tool.

I hope you help me regarding this.
Thanks a ton
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