Answered Display different forms inside the main form


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Jun 7, 2016
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hello there! I have this application with huge space that is usable and buttons on left hand side of the main winForm. I want to display different forms in that blank space and act as a child for that main form.

*I am very very very new to C#, m just beginning, any help would be appreciable.

MDI is the term you're looking for: Multiple Document Interface. You set the IsMdiContainer property of the parent for to true in the designer and then you assign that parent form to the MdiParent property of each child form before calling Show.

Note that any controls that you have already added to the parent form will float over the MDI client area, which may not look ideal. If not, you can add a Panel to the form and set its Dock property to the appropriate edge, then move the existing child controls into that.
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