Question Drag Lines Between GUI Nodes With a Mouse


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Aug 26, 2014
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I'm trying to describe a graphical widget or interactive tool that a user can use on a GUI. Imagine a GUI consisting of peices of info or maybe the peices of info could be called nodes. And the user can with their mouse get "hooked" by the node (w/ maybe a left mouse button press), and then with the mouse drag a line out of the node and connect the line to another GUI node. The connection at the destination node has a "snap to" and the two nodes are now graphically and programmatically connected (the app can sense that the specific nodes are connected).

The line dragged usually can not curve but pivots about it's originating node and can extend with the mouse.

Or put another way: Say you have a user GUI and "A" is on one side of the frame and "a" is on the oposite side of the frame or canvas, this is true for the whole alphabet. Now, there's a certain graphic interactive widget so that the user mouses over the "A" and left button presses on the mouse, and is able to drag a line from the "A" to any other lower case letter on the GUI. S/he makes the correct choice and drags the line to the "a" and releases the button. The line end snaps to the "a" node. The running app can sense this and message pops up "Correct".

OK, can anyone tell me what this is called? I tried searching on "tie line" or "drag line" but no luck. What the heck is it called? I'd like to implement it....

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