Entering age in days and getting a year/month/day


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Jul 29, 2019
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idk if im posting it in the right category , im new

what should i do if i want to enter age in days and then get year month day??
something like this :
you are 17 and you enter your age 6205 days,
i dont want to convert 6205 just month or just year,
i need this : 6205 days = X years and X month and X days...
i know int/float/doing basic math things with console application please keep it as simple as possible... i've been thinking on this for 2hours im too stupid to solve it.
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I'd be interested in seeing what you've attempted. csharpeforums works on the basis of commitment. Basically you show us what you've tried, thought of, or implemented, and if its not up to scratch, we will show you a better way of doing whatever it is that you're doing. A good starting point is not to sit in front of your IDE. Instead write it down on paper what it is you're trying to do, then once you establish an approach, try to implement that methodological approach and write it as code. If you've learned the basics for this task, as you claim; it won't be hard at all.
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