Question Error: Use of unassigned local variable 'MyVariableName'


Oct 15, 2011
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(VS 2010)

I'm getting an error "Use of unassigned local variable 'fJDCCorrection' for the following code line:

fJDMoonPhase = fJDMoonPhase + fJDCorrection + E;

I don't understand why the error except that assignment to this variable requires making it through one of the CASE statements in my Switch.
            switch (iPhase)
                case 0:
                case 2:
                    fJDCorrection = pfunPTC_NewFull(T, fMoonsArgLat, fSunsMeaAno, fMoonsMeaAno);

                case 1:
                    fJDCorrection = pfunPTC_1stQtr(T, fMoonsArgLat, fSunsMeaAno, fMoonsMeaAno);

                case 3:
                    fJDCorrection = pfunPTC_LastQtr(T, fMoonsArgLat, fSunsMeaAno, fMoonsMeaAno);


fJDMoonPhase = fJDMoonPhase + fJDCorrection + E;

Is it a requirement in VS C# that I assign this variable with some value initial value?

Is this VS C# way of preventing the possibility that none of the CASE statements prove true?

I'm thinking this may be the case but thought to ask as I'm really new at this.

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The issue is the fact that the, theoretically, your 'iPhase' variable may have a value other than one of those cases, e.g. 4. The compiler can't guarantee that 'fJDCorrection' will be assigned a value in all cases. You must either assign a default value to the variable before the switch statement, e.g. 0, or else add a 'default' case to your switch statement. I'd go with the latter and actually throw an exception with a documenting comment indicating that that scenario should never occur in practice. If that exception is ever thrown then you'll know there's an issue, which is definitely a good thing. With the exception thrown, the compiler will know that if execution reaches the usage of fJDCorrection then a value will have been set.

EDIT: Just thought I'd note that it would be an ArgumentOutOfRangeException.

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