Question Floating point range

Mar 18, 2015
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THe float point range is (+,-)1.5e−45 to (+,-)3.4e38.
Q1: Does that mean
+1.5e−45 to +3.4e38 & -1.5e−45 to -3.4e38, please elaborate ?
Q2: If yes to Q1, then zero (infact values b/w
-1.5e−45 to +1.5e−45) does not fall in any of range in Q1. How "0" (they) is mentioned in float?

range in my book for C#


the range in my book is confusing. lowest value could be (+ or -) 1.5*10^(-45). so if lowest is +1.5 * 10^(-45) then we can't express zero in floating point? am i right?
That doesn't correspond to C# data types, although C# float data type is represented by System.Single CLR type, but this is still a C# forum. Have a look here also: 4.1.6 Floating point types that talks about positive/negative/simple zero, and Single.Epsilon Field (System) for "smallest positive Single value that is greater than zero".
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