Free Package for Radar Charts?


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Apr 19, 2021
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I am looking for a free Nuget graphing library, or any other third-party library, that also includes radar charts. So far, the "free" ones that I got from the Nuget browser are only free trials. LiveCharts does not have Radar Charts, and don't bother with Microsoft.Chart.Controls, the design is too bland. Design is a requirement by my boss, since we are going to generate the charts for customers, so we need a more "professional" flavor.

It's a project that calculates skin data of an individual from an Excel file, and graphs the data obtained into graphs. I've finished Bar Charts and Line Charts thru LiveCharts.js. Any suggestions for free libraries or packages with aethestic radar charts is greatly welcome! Alternatively, if I had to pay, which paid libraries would you suggest me?

Thanks, and cheers!
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This doesn't necessarily help a lot but, unfortunately, "free" and "professional" don't always go hand in hand. There's a lot of work in creating a charting library so the assumption that there should be something that has all the flair you want but also won't cost you anything may be misplaced.
I've never liked radar charts in the past, but couldn't articulate why. Thankfully, I stumbled on this blog post which I completely agree with:


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