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Jan 9, 2020
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I’ve uploaded an Excel workbook of mine to Google Drive that serves a couple of purposes that I believe you'll find useful.

1. It currently lists 726 terms that have some correlation to C#. It's a glossary of sorts with embedded links that lead you to that specific term. It covers all the C# keywords, major concepts, and even the obscure lexicon found in the specification (interface mappings... anyone?). Beyond that are important NET namespaces, classes, and the like, mixed in with some GoF and non-GoF patterns and principles. It also includes more general concepts from Computer Science and Computing in general.

2. By itself it's a useful navigation tool, but its innate purpose is to track your ability to learn these terms. I have transcribed all of my analog flashcards to a website built for that purpose. Thus, you can use either the workbook or the website's scoring mechanism to keep track of what you get right and wrong. Instructions on how to use the flashcards are provided there.

A few last notes: although I said 726 terms, it's really more than that. Some of the flashcards will ask for multiple answers. Can you name all of the classifications of expressions? All the members in a class? That sort of thing. I estimate it pushes the total to around 2000 taking that into consideration. If this proves popular, I’ll update it frequently.

The following is a link to a Drive folder where you have a choice between two versions of the file: with or without macros. The macros are only for faster navigation, and since they rely on ActiveX controls, cannot be used with Mac (AFAIK).

I also made a YouTube video that explains most of what I said here, and it has a bit more context if you're interested in that sort of thing. Feel free to check it out. The flashcards are not hosted on a personal website of mine. Just a random flashcard-oriented site named Cram.

If you have any questions, corrections, or other feedback, my e-mail is in the workbook, or you can reply here/PM me. Thanks for reading!

YouTube Video Instructions

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