Question Geolocator GetGeopositionAsync no longer accurate


Oct 8, 2013
Programming Experience
Ok, something is definitely going on. Tuesday night, all three of my development PC's were returning latitude and longitude to 6 decimal places of accuracy. Wednesday evening, just running the same build from the day before is returning rounded whole numbers. Can't even say rounded to the nearest whole number because 33.306262 is now just 38 and its not just one one machine, all three are now returning the same bad values.

[FONT=courier new]Geolocator geoLocater = new Geolocator() {DesiredAccuracy = PositionAccuracy.High };
Geoposition position = await geoLocater.GetGeopositionAsync();[/FONT]

At first I thought maybe there was some change (that I don't remember making) that was causing it but nope, that's the data coming back straight from the call to GetGeopositionAsync (as you can see below).


I'm trying to dig through the rash of MS updates that likely ran last night to see if any of them may be the cause. I'm open to suggestions if anyone has a clue.

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