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Jun 7, 2019
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Does anybody know how to integrate a World Pay API into a C# WPF application. The World Pay docs are not clear or structured incoherently and there are crucial aspects that are completely missing.
By all means, if you're facing irregularities with something you've tried, please do tell and perhaps we can help you out with it.
Thanks for your reply, the link to the docs you provided was what I had looked at before. I know it may look straight forward for you but I am pretty new to all this, so that is why I said the documents seem not clear or structured to me. I did add the xml provided in the docs into my project but was unsure what to do with it.
Slow down, you need credentials, lets not add any files until you first login to your Merchant Interface and configure the needful. Have you gone through the MAI yet? List your steps so we know how far you have gotten.
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I suspect our OP is looking for some code that he can copy and paste instead of understanding what his code needs to do. That link above in post #2 explains in extreme detail what needs to be configured, then what to POST to the server, and what response to expect back from the server. It is written in a programming language agnostic way so that it will work with any platform: desktop, web based, Android, iOS, etc. That seems to cover the XML based web services which is what they recommend for world wide coverage.

Within the sites documentation is also a guide Make Payments! with some code samples in various languages. The C# code presented there though seems to use some kind of SDK instead of talking to the raw web services. Furthermore, it looks like this SDK uses the JSON REST web services instead of the XML based web services. My understanding is that the JSON based web services are targeted more for the UK -- take this with a grain of salt since I've only been skimming through their web site.
I suspect our OP is looking for some code that he can copy and paste instead of understanding what his code needs to do.
It's my opinion, that its a bad idea to copy code from anyone, not without knowing full well what it's going to do; and how it works. Especially when working with an API, or the API for payment processing or any code that involves handling potential customer information/or passing it to a third party. OP would be best learning to write their own code and learning how WorldPay API works. It's rare that I provide written snippets upfront, not without seeing what they've tried. I like to see people making an effort to learn and excel themselves forward, as you know. But that's just me..
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I havent asked for code. I did register an account but I don't think this is the right one
maybe this is why things aren't making sense to me.
Worldpay Developers The same think I posted above, contains steps to take. In those steps is a page/a link where you can get your API access credentials from their MAI Page. Without that, you're going nowhere.
Yeah I had the wrong account thats why the steps made no sense. I spoke to someone from worldpay and they are going to set me up with an account. Thank you for your help.
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