How can I add update information/notification of 3rd party software in my C# dek app?


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Mar 23, 2014
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I have a C# desktop application which will keep track of my installed software(in my PC). I want to make this application more smart, like when the update version of the installed software will come in internet site, the application will notify me and I can update from my C# application, without login or open website.
For example, I have installed MS Office 2013, Adobe Reader 1.1. So when MS office 2014 comes in internet, my application will notify me and I can update that from that application.
Can anyone please answer my question, how can I do that?
You seem to think that there's some magic solution. There isn't. If you want to know when specific software is available from a publisher, you have to actually request information from that publisher, which means that you have to know exactly where to look for it. The fact that you mention Office 2014 when such a product will probably never exist suggests that you don't know where to look so what you want to do is not possible.

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