How Do I Add Search Feature To My Wp8 App


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Aug 1, 2014
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Good day

i am developing an application that has several pages in it,
instead of the user having to go through the stress of navigating to the required page
i will like to add a search feature in which when the user type in the required page keyword
it will take the user to the page without stress

I mean the user will type in the keyword for that particular page to bring out the theme or title of the page when the user clicks the title or theme of the page it will now take the user to the whole page for example page one title is "victory in christ" when the user types this keyword/title/theme and click on search it will bring out the particular page of that title

How can i implement this in windows phone 8 app

Reply soon thank you in advance
I have a Windows Phone myself and I think that selecting a specific page would far less stressful that searching for it. It's hard to know for sure without more information but your aim sounds misguided.

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