Question How to call a Class in a Windows Console App?


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Aug 7, 2018
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Hello All

Haven't touched C# or VS for over 6 years now, now I got a C#Class that decrypts an important piece of information that I need, but I can't make a very simple C# Windows console work. All I want is a Windows Console to accept the encrypted string, then return the decrypted string on screen. I got this working, but I can't call the C# Class method DECRYPT correctly for it to work.

Please can someone please advise, I know this is really simple but I not sure if i need references to the other class or anything else.

Can anyone please help?
If you want to know how to create an instance of a class and call a method on that instance then you can find out from any beginners tutorial. If you're having a specific issue calling this particular method correctly then you need to provide all the information relevant to that. You need to show us the method declaration at least, possibly the body and possibly the type constructor. You also need to show us how you're trying to create the object and call the method and tell us what happens when you try, including where and what compilation or run time errors occur.
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