How To create and populate..?? [NEED HELP]


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May 14, 2012
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Supposing i have ten person name in my database. i want that in my window form <br>it will automatically create a picture edit control for picture in <br>each person and a label for the person name.<br><br>when i add up another person into my database it will automatically create new picture edit and label control.
Then you should probably use the DataRepeater control. You'll find it in the Visual Basic PowerPacks section of the Toolbox. Don't be fooled by the name: controls in that section were designed by the VB team but can be used in any Windows Forms application.

I've never used the control myself so I can't really give you any details. Generally speaking, the control lets you create an item template, which in your case would include a Label and a PictureBox. You can then bind a list of data items to the control and it will use the template to create a UI for each item in the list. If I wanted to know how to use the control, I'd start here:

datarepeater - MSDN Search
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