how to create my onw CAD application


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Nov 8, 2012
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Dear All,
I need to create an application that clone an 2D AutoCAD drawing. The AutoACD drawing shows a floor plan with several boxes and by querying a database I “instruct” the AutoCAD to paint the boxes with several colors. Of course the AutoCAD drawing already have the boxes designed. For that I use the NETLOAD tool and a dll developed in c sharp. Everything works fine but I want to move to next level. There are several users that are mainly operators and don’t understand all the steps they have to do to activate the NETLOAD tool. Because of that and because I developed an application that handles several information from the boxes I would like to create the CAD functionality on it. At this stage I only need 2D aspect. Does anyone can give an hand on this matter?
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Joaquim Pinto
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