Question how to delete only one clone of a game object

Jul 7, 2014
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I am developing an android math game it involves the use of coin with a value on it. i am wondering wondering what will i do in order to delete
only one object in my game

for example if i have coin1(clone) and coin1(clone)(clone)..

if i click coin1(clone)(clone) it will be destroyed. but in my case
, when i click coin1(clone)(clone), coin1(Clone) is deleted, i was wondering what will i do in order to delete only one object.
PS. the game object has a same value on it

void NumberOfSelectedCoins()
Debug.Log (BlueCoinScript.b);
if(SelectedCoins.cntCoins%BlueCoinScript.b == 0)

for (int n=0;n<selectC.selectedNumCoins.Count; n++)
TotalSum.totalValue = 0;
breakpointsText.text = SelectedCoins.breakPointsCount.ToString ();

also if you have 1 game object and you cloned it so that you can have 3 same game objects,
how can you identify that when you clicked that game object, that game object is clone1 or clone2 or clone3

thx for the help
You have succeeded in making your code harder to read. In future, please just paste it as plain text within code formatting tags, e.g.

[xcode=c#]your code here[/xcode]

As for your question, are you sure that these alleged clones are actually distinct objects and not just multiple references to the same object?
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