How to efficiently incorporate sample projects form GitHub into your solution (currently struggling with MapSui)


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Feb 26, 2021
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For some time now I’ve been trying to use the NuGet library Mapsui to create a WPF application with some GIS capabilities.. Mapsui link

The instruction are very clear and simple to get a basic app running that will open up OpenStreepMap and allow you to zoom and pan.

Beyond that (say loading SHP files, adding points etc), the documentation just stops (at least in a language I can understand) and you are referred to the sample projects.

The problem is, the sample projects have several dependency projects which refer to dozens of classes with no order I can fathom. When I try and copy all the projects over in the list of dependencies that are required, they fail to build due to more missing references, packages or something else?

Sometimes I figure out that it’s a missing class maybe, but copying that them over just introduces more missing reference warnings.

Am I missing a simple trick to incorporate the sample projects?

Any help, tips or advice would be much appreciated.


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Apr 6, 2019
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It looks like the sample code assumes that you've downloaded the entire github repo and it expects to find other reference projects at various relative paths:
    <ProjectReference Include="..\..\Mapsui.Geometries\Mapsui.Geometries.csproj" />
    <ProjectReference Include="..\..\Mapsui.Rendering.Skia\Mapsui.Rendering.Skia.csproj" />
    <ProjectReference Include="..\..\Mapsui.Rendering.Xaml\Mapsui.Rendering.Xaml.csproj" />
    <ProjectReference Include="..\..\Mapsui.UI.Wpf\Mapsui.UI.Wpf.csproj" />
    <ProjectReference Include="..\..\Mapsui\Mapsui.csproj" />
    <ProjectReference Include="..\..\Tests\Mapsui.Tests.Common\Mapsui.Tests.Common.csproj" />
    <ProjectReference Include="..\Mapsui.Samples.Common.Desktop\Mapsui.Samples.Common.Desktop.csproj" />
    <ProjectReference Include="..\Mapsui.Samples.Common\Mapsui.Samples.Common.csproj" />
    <ProjectReference Include="..\Mapsui.Samples.CustomWidget\Mapsui.Samples.CustomWidget.csproj" />

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