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Aug 25, 2018
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Hi. This may seem an obvious question but I'm very new to C# and I'm using Visual Studio. My history is in Excel VBA and there I can save each project with an extension so if something messes up I can just go back to an earlier version. My question is simply the best way to try and do this in Visual Studio.
I've only been using it for the last few days and most of what I do seems to work but occasionally something comes up and it takes me ages to find out what I've done wrong and undo ( told you I was a newbie) . If there was an easy way to save a version history before I start it'd save me lots of time.
You can simply create a copy of your solution folder any time you want. References within a solution are relative so you can move or copy a solution folder and just start using it as you would have the original. So, you might want to simply right-click your solution folder and select 'Send to' -> 'Compressed (zipped) folder' and you have a backup that you can unzip to restore at any time.

That said, the proper way to go about this would be to use source code control of some sort. If you want to stick with Microsoft tools then you could download and install Team Foundation Server 2018 Express or you could use Visual Studio Team Services, which is a cloud service and thus less hassle for you. I've not looked into it myself but I think it is free for the basics required by individuals. Alternatively, you could install SVN or perhaps use Git, support for which is built into VS.
I do the same at home, exit Visual Studio, zip the project folder and upload it additionally on Dropbox.
The companies I worked and I work for use GitBlit which is free and Team Foundation Server. You can restore an earlier version of an uploaded project if something went wrong.
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