How to post a function or event


May 24, 2016
Programming Experience
I'm a PowerBuilder developer working in C#, and I need to convert a PB desktop app to a C# desktop app, how can I post an event or function?

Looks like I have found something that may work, Application.Idle += new EventHandler(BaseForm_Shown); or Form.Show().

Will post my code if successful.
post an event or function?

That's not terminology that I've heard before in relation to C#. Do you mean handle an event, i.e. specify code to be executed when an event is raised, or do you mean raise an event, i.e. cause other code to be executed when something happens in your object? Or maybe something else?
To be able to handle an event or function, but for some reason you want to 'post' the event or function and it be sequenced at the end of calling all of your events or functions. You may ask why not just call it at the end, in some cases this can be difficult based on the amount of methods and functions being called, so you just call post and it will add it to the end(more of a convenience in PB).
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