How to set up a website for offline work for multiple users


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Feb 19, 2017
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Here's an example of what I'm trying to do.

Let's say I've made a fx trading bot that uses a fx brokers website, queries the prices, and submits trades according to settings specified. It runs fine in a console application from my raspberry pi.

Now I would like to commercialize it in a website where I can have multiple users running their own instance of the bot with their own settings and have each bot run 24/7.

I'm having trouble conceptualizing the design of it to accomplish the constant, individual running of bots from a website. Each user running on it's own thread? Thread sharing? Anybody have some pointers?

I've done windows forms but not websites, and I haven't done things that require it to run even when the user isn't on it.

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I have some question for you:-
1. You are using raspberry pi 1 or raspberry pi 2 ?
2. I have done this with PHP. You want with .Net only ?
3. Can I get detailed desciption about your project ?
4. If you can share some images of the hardware. It will be great



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