I will publish 3 books on C# (free preview + early bird edition)


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Aug 28, 2021
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Hello, everyone!
Excuse me for taking the liberty of asking you for help with a publishing project I have started. If possible, I would like to ask you to publish a post on your blog or in your technical community, indicating this link:

(Free preview) My new book "Programming in C# – Basic techniques".

The project consists in writing and publishing 3 books in English about programming in C# on these topics:

1 - basic techniques
2 - advanced techniques
3 - data & algorithms, and databases

The books (and other articles) will be published on this page: Mario De Ghetto.

The link provided above will contain the first 4-5 chapters of the first book. Subsequently, I will distribute the book (in PDF format) on an "early bird" basis with increasing price, like the "MEAP" books from Manning Publications. I will then use the same method for the other two books. I will also make the example projects available with the PDF.
When all is done, I will also publish the books in paper format on all major online stores (Amazon etc.).
Whenever an update is available, I will inform people who download the "free preview" or intermediate versions ("early bird") and the final version about the progress of the work, so that they can download the updated versions. Other people will be able to see the announcements on my blog (SuperMario's Corner (English)).

I hope you can help me spread the word about this project.
Thank you and sorry for the request if it seems inappropriate.
Thank you in advance and best regards.
Mario De Ghetto
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