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Sep 2, 2015
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Hello Developers
I set up a website about how one would perform common programming tasks in the most idiomatic form in different languages. It is intended to be didactic, it's open to contributions (like a wiki) and we'd love to have more snippets written in C#.
It would hugely help if a few of you picked a random idiom statement :
Extract beginning of string (prefix)
and clicked [(+) New implementation...] to write a C# implementation. Most often, 2 lines suffice.

As you can see in the language coverage page, we don't have many C# impl yet (click >> to reveal more than the 12 first langs).
You're also very welcome to add new idioms, as long as it's not dart-specific, not tied to a library, and not a complex algorithm.
UI works fine but is not perfect yet, so any feedback is also welcome.

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