Question Inactivity Management Through a Hoot Mouse Keyboard


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Nov 17, 2016
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It is a pleasure to change with you; In fact I am new in programming csharp and for my small project test so I am working on it, I encounter a problem and on this I would like you to help me if possible.
Here is my test project:
I created a mdiparent with several mdichilds and I want that when I open a mdichild and I do 5mn without making a click of the mouse or press a key of the keyboard; A modal window with a button is displayed notifying the user that it has done 5mn of inativity and that the application will close in 10mn if it does not click on the button.
Here is my problem:
I do not know how to encode the keyboard / mouse hook in the mdiparent to intercept all the occurrences on all activated mdichilds.

thank you in advance.

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