Issue with text box not using theme from MaterialDesign


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May 22, 2021
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I have used material design in a previous project and had it load up with the dark theme. With this, I was using the 'MaterialDesignFloatingHintTextBox' style. In my previous app, this was picking up the font colour that was specified within the window/user control:


The line that then appears under the text box was a light grey/white colour.

For some reason, in the new app that I am working on, the font colour is not being used and the line under the text box is black instead of light grey/white.

I have checked everything against my previous app and cannot find anything that is different in terms of setting the theme up.

Also in the preview for the user control, the line shows as the expected colour but changes to black at run time.

Does anyone have any experience with material design and know where I should be looking?
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